2011…and a New Year’s Resolution that changed everything

So in 2011, I decided to give up giving up. I’m the type who gives up something Jan 1st and takes it up again by Jan 5th if I am doing well. Will power and me are not well acquainted. So, instead of giving up, I decided to start taking up. Or more particularly, to take up gigs.

I set myself an original target (I respond well to targets – I work with children and star charts make a whole lot of sense to me!). So the target I set myself was to go to a gig a month.

(I actually smiled just typing that. I remember the day I set that target, and thinking to myself that it might be hard to achieve. How little I knew of my obsessive potential back then, or of all the gigs that Dublin, and further afield, had to offer. I didn’t know that all of this might actually end up changing the way people viewed me, and in turn, a little bit how I viewed myself.)

*Originally posted on http://www.gigaholic.tumblr.com on 06/06/12*


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