First Fortnight 2011

Le Galaxie
Le Galaxie at First Fortnight 2011

#3 – Later in January 2011, I headed to First Fortnight to see Le Galaxie on the recommendation of my housemate at the time. Little did he know what he would start – I’ve been lucky enough to catch many more of these fabulously mental lads’ shows since then.

I have to admit that electronic music had never featured strongly on my playlist, as I have always had a tendency to gravitate towards more guitar driven acts. I had listened to whatever music of theirs that I could get my hands on prior to heading to the Button Factory, but was totally unprepared for their live show. They set a high bar for the acts that followed – Dark Room Notes, Codes and And So I Watch You From Afar – and I don’t think anyone else lived up to their standards.

Again, my crappy phone camera doesn’t do justice to the buzz of that gig, and to the addiction that was beginning to grow.

*Originally posted on on 06/06/12*


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