Bell X1

Bell X1 3

Bell X1 5

#11 – April brought gig number 11 and the first album launch of the year for me. I never know what to expect of album launches. I am a gig-goer who remembers lyrics (often at the cost of names, birthdays, anniversaries and shopping lists) and sings along, so album launches are a little weird for me. By their nature, I don’t get to be as familiar with the material as I would normally try to be. Bell X1 1

Bell X1 2

The Bell X1 Bloodless Coup album launch was a treat (apart from a brief moment where they shushed the crowd from singing along, which was a little too self-indulgent for my liking). Paul Noonan always strikes me as a reluctant front man so the banter is usually kept to a minimum, but the chat from the die-hard fans in the audience more than makes up for this.

Bell X1 4

*Originally posted on on 10/06/12*

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