Hot Press Jaegermeister Freezer sessions

2011-12-14 23.17.07

Le Galaxie at Crawdaddy

# 30 – My penultimate gig of 2011 was another awesome freebie – this time the Jaegermeister Hot Press Freezer sessions in the now sadly defunct Crawdaddy. What a line-up – Hot Sprockets, Spies (and my god can their lead singer belt out a song – amazing voice), the Riptide Movement and Le Galaxie. If only it hadn’t been on a work night, I would have been out for the night. Was never so gutted to have to sneak off for the last bus!

2011-12-14 21.03.12

The Hot Sprockets at Crawdaddy

2011-12-14 21.40.20

Spies at Crawdaddy

2011-12-14 22.20.39

The Riptide Movement at Crawdaddy

2011-12-14 23.28.30

Le Galaxie at Crawdaddy

*Originally posted on on 19/06/12*

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