First Fortnight 2012

2012-01-11 23.02.39

The Late Fragments at the Workmans Club

#1 My first gig of 2012 set a nice tone for me, and a sense of continuity from 2011. First Fortnight, a charity challenging mental health stigma through the arts, is a cause close to my heart. People close to me have been affected by mental health difficulties, and I have experienced them myself.

The positivity employed in this whole two week festival speaks volumes to me and I think that this is the only way Ireland will move on from the difficulties its population has with discussing mental health. The Therapy Sessions was a brilliant mix of music and spoken word, and the small crowd added a sense of intimacy to the occasion.

2012-01-11 21.56.58

Pearse McLoughlin at the Workmans Club
2012-01-12 00.35.23

Our amazing pledge t-shirts

*Originally posted on on 01/08/12*

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