The Riptide Movement

  2012-04-21 21.52.31    2012-04-21 22.31.48

The Riptide Movement at The Academy

#9 April brought a gig with a sense of huge excitement – The Riptide Movement Album launch in the Academy. Their sense of joy at selling out such a big venue was palpable and the crowd were similarly joyous.

TRM have spent years polishing their sound on Grafton Street and are now a seriously tight bunch of musicians who engage with their audience and are nigh on pitch perfect every time I see them.

2012-04-21 20.24.03

Dakota 66 at the Academy

2012-04-21 21.30.40 2012-04-21 21.56.41

2012-04-21 22.05.35

2012-04-21 22.13.30

2012-04-21 22.27.28
*Originally posted on on 02/08/12*

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