2012 – best gig year ever

So as ye’ve all guessed by now, I’m pretty addicted to gig-going at this stage – seeing as my moniker on here is Gigaholic, it was probably fairly apparent! But trying to get up to date with my gig blog has made me realise quite how much I’ve packed into 2012 music-wise. A grand total of more than 40 gigs, including 10 festivals, has given me the best opportunity to see a wide range of acts, mostly home-grown but not exclusively Irish.

This made me wonder how many acts I’ve seen this year – a quick tot-up has pretty much blown me away. In 2012, I managed to see 154 different acts. This almost doubles what I saw last year, and I thought I’d done well then!

My next posts are going to be about the acts I got to see more than once, which is a good indication of my favourites from 2012. Most were new discoveries for me in 2012, but not all – some were favourites from previous years. There are also lots of acts I would have loved to have seen more than once, but the opportunity just never arose.

2013 is going to be a year of saving for me as I hope to travel a bit in early 2014 but I don’t think I’ll be able to sacrifice my gig-going altogether. The music scene in Ireland at the moment is too exciting for me to step away from it altogether. In a nutshell, I’d miss it too darn much.

*Originally posted on www.gigaholic.tumblr.com on 01/01/13*

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