A new home for the blog…

…so it’s taken the last two weeks to transfer over all my old blog posts, but I am now ready to start updating the blog on all the gigs I’ve been to in 2013. Better late than never, eh?!

I’ve been to some great gigs this year, with some old favourites and have picked up a few new ones along the way. Finances have meant no festivals for me this year, but there are still lots of options with gigs in and around Dublin. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be uploading them and I’ll do my best to be more timely with my posting from now on.

I often thought that my gig addiction would ease off after a while, or that another interest would take its place, but it hasn’t happened yet. Lots more gigs planned between now and the end of the year, and a few sets of tickets bought for next year already, so I’m hoping Gigaholic will be continuing in its new home for many years to come!


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