Verse Chorus Verse at Mercantile


Empire Saints at the Mercantile

Next up was the second eLive, run by Entertainment.ie, held in the Mercantile. A free gig, this again highlighted for me just what a glut of highly talented musicians we have in Ireland at the moment. The fact that on a random Thursday night you can see some brilliant acts for free is amazing, but what confuses me altogether is the fact that the place was damn near empty. The show was streamed online so at least more people got to appreciate it than just the few of us who bothered to head in. The Irish gig-going audience sometimes makes me wonder.

Right, rant over. The treats on show that night were Twin Terrace (made up of some of the members of Storyfold along with others), VerseChorusVerse, who I would go to see any night of the week, and Empire Saints – brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, and I look forward to catching them all again in 2013. I was disappointed to have to leave the show early – last buses wait for no-one after all.

Twin Terrace at the Mercantile
*Originally posted on www.gigaholic.tumblr.com on 31/12/12*

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