Two Door Cinema Club


Two Door Cinema Club at the Point

Two Door Cinema Club was a gig worth overcoming my hatred of the Point, sorry… O2, for. I’ve been dying to see these lads live for ages, since getting a taster with their acoustic set at Choice Music Prize. The fact that they were supported by two of my favourite Irish live acts of recent times – The Cast of Cheers and Jape – was a significant bonus. Getting tickets late in the day meant we ended up with some of the worst in the house, but as others got upgraded, we were eventually moved to better seats in a slightly less nose-bleed section!

The Cast of Cheers were made to be seen in a venue this size, and hopefully will soon be headlining themselves. Jape, much as I love Richie, seemed a little lost and I have much preferred seeing him in smaller venues or with a festival crowd. Two Door Cinema Club ploughed through the hits – and reminded me just how many they have had – and had the crowd hopping. A room full of massive balls also helped to lighten the mood in a gig that was sparse on banter!


The Cast of Cheers at the Point


Jape at the Point


Two Door Cinema Club at the Point

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