Le Galaxie in 3d


Le Galaxie are awesome. Le Galaxie always have awesome visuals. Combine those awesome visuals with 3d technology? And an outdoor venue? On a dry, crisp night in September? As part of the Fringe Fest? Mind blown.

Michael le Galaxie can jump higher than Dave le Galaxie.

20130914_231106   The moment Dave combusted.

The lads were in fine form, and the crowd were ready to go nuts. All the palaver about venue, and time, and noise complaints (which resulted in a nice crowd statement to the restaurant who almost got the whole thing cancelled) could have taken the edge off, but nothing could dampen the collective spirits. A first chance to hear what went on to be their new single, Lucy is Here, was pretty special too.


Sparklers, guys standing on the crowd and glitterball jackets. Just go see them. Seriously. GO!

20130914_231920Every gig should have sparklers.

20130914_233353This guy stood on the crowd. I mean, how cool is that?

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