2013, a year in gigs, and beyond…

2013 was my biggest gig year yet – 52 in total. Now that implies that I went to a gig a week, when in reality, I went to none, or relatively few, some months, and probably overloaded on gigs in other months. Some I went to on a whim, some I went to as they were old favourites, and some I went to because I had seen the act once or twice and thought they were worth seeing again. From the sublime (Le Galaxie and the Riptide Movement in the Olympia to Bruce in Nowlan Park) to the ridiculous (The Band Perry probably fall into this category for me!), 2013 brought more variety to my gig going. Compared to other years where I saw the same acts again and again, there were only a few acts that I saw more than a couple of times this year – Le Galaxie, Bell X1, Heathers, and the Riptide Movement were the exceptions. I also didn’t go to any festivals this year (excluding Dublin based festivals), and I have to admit, I really missed that aspect of the music scene.

I don’t really have a target for 2014 – I’d like to aim for a gig a week but I don’t know if I’ll achieve that. I’d like to hope that I’ll be more timely with my posting, but seeing as I am only getting up to date with December 2013’s gigs in March 2014, I think we may as well rule that one out right now. My gig-going is now just part of my life, and I’ve noticed that I get kind of twitchy when I don’t have gigs to go to relatively regularly. Looks like when I named this blog, I was more accurate than I ever thought I would be!

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