The Band Perry

Yup – you read that right. I went to the Band Perry. I would always have felt that I quite like (some) country music and when a friend offered me a ticket to keep her company, I was glad to go (thanks again for the ticket, Rachel!).


To be honest, I kind of don’t know what to write about the night – from the crowd I could see that most people there were enjoying the night far more than me. So I’ll just write my observations – I don’t go to gigs that are choreographed and this was very, very choreographed; for a band of siblings, some of the moves were downright weird; and there’s only so much “god-fearing, mama-lovin’, deep-south” banter I can stomach.


I have to admit I was glad when my friend suggested we leave in time to get an earlier bus than originally planned. This one was not for me.


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