Saucy Sundays


I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this, as an avid gig-goer, but this was the first time I had actually made it along to Saucy Sundays in the Grand Social. This night is a brilliant, free showcase of Irish acts from all over the country and I have intended to go along so many times. But to be honest, Sunday is not the best night for me to be going to gigs, because it leaves me wrecked for work on Monday. However, it was worth being tired that particular Monday, cos it meant that I got to see a pretty brilliant line-up – The Apachis, Mark Black, Ross Breen, The Viking Project, Amidships and Sails. Needless to say, my highlight were the Viking Project. I hadn’t seen the lads in ages, and they, as always, were worth waiting for.


Mark Black 20140216_203540

Ross Breen 20140216_213848

The Viking Project


Amidships 20140216_232348Sails

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