Shouting at Planes


Any of you who have been reading since the Whelans Ones to Watch festival way back in 2011 might remember that I really rated Shouting at Planes as being absolutely brilliant. But I haven’t seen them in ages, so their St Jude EP launch was going to be an interesting one – would they be as good as I remembered? Well, yes, they were. These lads have amazing harmonies, and some really stand out songs. Even their (strong!) Cavan accents add to their charm, and they seemed to have brought a fair chunk of Cavan with them to Whelans if the crowd were anything to go by! Their support act, Red Queen Contest, who I had seen previously at Haiti Fest, were also really good, and I wouldn’t mind trying to catch them again. Shouting at Planes – still ones to watch, in my book. And Aodhan was right, the pic of Liam on the CD does have a decidedly cycloptic element to it!

Red Queen ContestRed Queen Contest



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