The Riptide Movement


The next gig was nothing short of a celebration. I’ve been to see the Riptide Movement more often than I care to count, and reckon they’re the hardest working band I’ve ever seen. Cutting their teeth busking on Grafton street and gigging in pretty much every venue in the country and further afield, I couldn’t have been happier to hear that they’d signed a deal with Universal. These lads could not deserve it more.



So their gig in Vicar Street to launch their new album was a party, complete with brass section, glamorous backing singers and confetti cannons (which didn’t require Gar running out from behind the drums to set them off like some of their gigs I’ve been at). The Riptide Movement deserve every ounce of success that comes their way.





Their support act continues to deserve special mention – Dakota 66 are an act that really have to be seen to be believed (set list, light up bass, guitarist who looks like Chuck Norris’ love child – just a taster of what you’d get to see!).


Dakota 66

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