Gigs 2014

2014 didn’t bring quite as many gigs as previous years, but 43 is a respectable number when I had a lot of non-gig related developments in my life in 2014. At times, I have to admit, that I wondered whether I wanted to keep the blog going, which is partly why it went so out of date. Now that I look back, I think I’ve figured out where I went wrong with my gig-going for huge chunks of 2014. Because I was busier, I couldn’t go to as many gigs. Instead of going to see the new acts that have always kept my gig-going fresh (even when they were awful, as some of them were), I stuck a lot with acts that I had seen before. It’s hard to write about acts that I’ve seen a good few times before, and it doesn’t bring anything fresh to Gigaholic either.

This year I hope to strike more of a balance. Reviewing with Ceol Collective means that I will get to see some of the more up-and-coming acts around at the moment. Of course, I’ll still go to see some of my old faithfuls, but I definitely aim that 2015 will bring a lot more variety.

On a side note, the next post will be my 200th – hard to believe!

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