About Gigaholic

I’m Una – a self confessed live music addict. Although I always went to gigs, my total addiction started in 2011, with a New Year’s Resolution to go to more of them, and it snowballed in a big way! It’s grown each year, starting out as an intention to go to a gig a month, and ending up going to one or two a week! Who knows what 2015 will bring?!

I’m excited about how healthy the music scene is in Ireland at the moment, and think as punters, we are spoiled for choice. Anything in this blog is just my opinion – music is so personal and just because I love or hate a band or gig, doesn’t mean you will. So instead of it being a proper review, it’s just a snapshot of my feelings and thoughts on a gig.

And speaking of snapshots, that’s all I take – no fancy camera, usually just my phone or a crappy digital camera. I’d love to get a proper camera and take better shots but at the moment I’m just not willing to sacrifice my enjoyment of the gig for the lugging around and minding of expensive camera equipment.

Thanks to Gigaholic, I am now involved with a charity very close to my heart, First Fortnight, which takes up a lot of my time and is making me be a bit more sensible about how many gigs I go to. I briefly wrote reviews for Ceol Collective, before it bit the dust. All of this, plus the small matter of a full-time, non-music-related day job, means that time is tight. So my posting will be sporadic most of the time, and at other times, it will be prolific. I apologise now for both the feasts and the famines!

Thanks for reading!

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