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Hot Press Guinness Play on the Day – National Final


Protobaby at Whelans


The Hot Sprockets at Whelans

The final of the Hot Press Guiness Play on the Day Final brought the winners of all the regional finals to Whelans for a head to head final. Protobaby, Hot Sprockets, The Calvinists and In Their Thousands all put on a great show, but the Donegal men were to go on to claim the crown.

The Calvinists at Whelans
In Their Thousands at Whelans (National Winners)
*Originally posted on on 31/12/12*

Hot Press Guiness Play on the Day – Regional Final


Thomas Agnew at Whelans


The Juice at Whelans

 Hot Press Guinness Play on the Day Regional Final was a good excuse to go and see Hot Sprockets – as if I ever need an excuse to go and see them. They won their regional heat but (spoiler alert) did not go on to win the final unfortunately.

20121101_220100 20121101_220142
The Hot Sprockets at Whelans (Regional winners)
The Thomas Donoghue Band at Whelans
*Originally posted on on 31/12/12*

Arthurs Day 2012

20120927_201726 20120927_204814

 Arthur’s Day threatened to be a bit anti-climactic this year when I got a ticket for the Delorentos in the Mercantile but none of my friends did. So I gave away the ticket and treated myself to a brilliant set from the Shoos in Flannery’s instead.

Tex and the lads were brilliant for their second set of the night, coming after a band whose name I didn’t catch but who looked like they were having the time of their lives! If you haven’t had a chance to see the Shoos yet, do. Their sound is quite simply a treat!


*Originally posted on on 25/11/12*

Arthur’s Day 2011

Sept 2011 160

Sept 2011 156

Ed Sheeran (and Yasmin) at Whelans

Sept 2011 148

Sept 2011 143

Foy Vance at Whelans

#19 – My surprise gig of September was Arthur’s Day, where the acts are unknown until they show up. We got a mixed bag, but the stars of the night were definitely Foy Vance and Ed Sheeran. We also got Big Talk and Arbor 19 who, while good, were overshadowed by Foy and Ed who also played with Yasmin. Class acts, the two of them!

Sept 2011 136

Arbor 19 at Whelans

Sept 2011 107

Sept 2011 103

Big Talk at Whelans

*Originally posted on on 16/06/12