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Biggles Flys Again


Biggles Flys Again

Biggles Flys Again set upstairs in Whelans, with support from Anderson and Carriages – I mean, what a line-up! And for less than a tenner. Tonight reminded me, yet again, how spoiled we are with the Irish music scene and how little we pay for the privilege of seeing quality music like this. It also reminded me that upstairs in Whelans is one of the few remaining venues I’ve been in where people actually listen to the acts and don’t talk through the entire show. All three acts are brilliant – but Biggles Flys Again, the headline act, pretty much stole the show.





Hard Working Class Heroes part 1



Hard Working Class Heroes is one of my favourite festivals – no matter where you go, no matter which venue you choose, you’re guaranteed to see some of the best of Ireland’s up and coming bands. 2013 was no different. I only made it to two of the three nights, but still got a chance to see some great acts. In a lucky case of scheduling, I was able to make it to two venues to catch five acts – Plutonic Dust (who barely made their start time because the lead singer couldn’t find a parking space!) started proceedings, followed by a great set from Elaine Mai. I’ve seen Elaine Mai, both solo and doing vocals with Le Galaxie, and love her sound.


Plutonic Dust


Elaine Mai

Next up was Anderson, who played some solo songs and also attempted to play with a full band. However, technical difficulties meant that the poor bass player wasn’t getting any sound, and the fact that they were followed by Hozier playing a stunning set with full band and backing singers just highlighted their slightly “less rounded” sound! That said, I really enjoyed Anderson’s songs and have seen him again since. But speaking of Hozier, this guy is amazing. Obviously a huge amount of the crowd were there to see him, and I can see why. Insanely talented, this guy is going to be massive.



A quick dash to the Mercantile meant we got there just in time to catch Biggles Flys Again set, this time as a threesome. These guys are brilliant and if you get a chance you should definitely head to see them.


Biggles Flys Again