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 20130404_212646Bastille upstairs in the Academy was a far better fit that when I had seen them previously in the smaller downstairs venue. I know they’re not to everyone’s taste, but I like them. Consistently good live and seeing Dan Smith remain pitch perfect while climbing onto the balcony and doing a song from there never fails to impress me!

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Doing a song from the balcony (above) and having returned to stage (below) 20130404_221902



Bastille in the Academy 2 turned out to be an unexpected treat – their song had been getting heavy airplay and was stuck in my head endlessly. Presuming the gig would be sold out in such a small venue, I was amazed to get tickets a few days prior (the gig would go on to sell out). Supported by Swiss Lips, the band played a slick stomper of a set, complete with one song performed by Dan while wandering around the crowd! The next time they play in Dublin, I can guarantee it’ll be in a bigger venue!

*Originally posted on on 31/12/12*