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First Fortnight 2015


Trailblaze Revolution, Christchurch Cathedral

This is a tricky one to write to be honest – I re-read last year’s post ( and can vividly remember how I felt writing that post, and during the festival. To be able to remember things so clearly and yet to know how much changed within the space of a year is a little bit disconcerting to be honest.


Danny Battles


The Lost Brothers

During 2014 I became much more involved in First Fortnight, having been asked to get involved with a pretty amazing group of people to do fundraising for the charity. Being more involved has let me see how much goes into this festival from the other side, rather than as a volunteer or as a spectator. The fact that this festival has been created by a bunch of volunteers is simply mind-blowing. That said, being more involved makes it challenging to write a review of it, so I’m not even going to attempt it. It’s impossible for me to be unbiased so all I’ll say is if you haven’t been to a First Fortnight event yet, then check out the festival next January, or one of the fundraising events during the year. I think that’s the fairest way of me keeping Gigaholic true to my views but without letting my love of this festival skew any review I wrote of it.


I Have a Tribe


State Lights

Booka Brass Band

20150110_232552We Cut Corners

I toyed with using this post as another spot of free therapy, but it a) doesn’t seem fitting, and b) doesn’t really seem needed. This year has given me so much more confidence – it is impossible to see how much can be achieved by a small group of volunteers with some big ideas, without some of that confidence rubbing off. Hard to sum up how grateful I am for that, so I’m not even going to try.

Liam O’Maonlai and Glen Hansard

Liam O'Maonlaí

Liam O’Maonlai at Whelans

Glen Hansard

Glen Hansard at Whelans

 #8 – Another March 2011 treat was catching one of the two Whelans nights featuring Liam O’Maonlaí and Glen Hansard and, well, a cast of thousands! It was one of those nights where you never knew who was coming next and where the people on stage looked as if they were having as much fun as the faces in the crowd.

Christy Moore

Christy Moore at Whelans

Damien Rice

Damien Rice at Whelans

The Frames

The Frames at Whelans


Everybody at Whelans!

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