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Rubyworks Presents part 2

Rubyworks Presents… was a series of three gigs celebrating ten years of the independent label Rubyworks. Their eclectic line-up for each night shows the standard of some of their produce as they play against the big boys.

Deap Valley are like a girl version of the Black Keys, Funeral Suits were brilliant and the Minutes had lost enough of their arrogance to redeem themselves in my eyes without totally losing their “don’t give a shit” attitude (they didn’t spit on us this time – always a plus in my books!).

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for Fight like Apes no matter how much I really, really wanted to – a weekend of little sleep, work in the morning and a need to save my energy for the rest of the gigs I’m heading to this week – Raglans tomorrow, hopefully Codes on Thursday and then Electric Picnic at the weekend – meant I allowed my sensible side to win out. If I’d stayed for them, I know I’d have been out for the night. If the rest of the line up were a precursor for them, I’m 100% certain that they must have been spectacular!

*Originally posted on on 27/08/12*