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Love System






Second gig of the night was the Love System gig in aid of marriage equality in The Academy. An insanely good line-up with some of my favourite acts – Daithi, Ships and the ever-awesome Le Galaxie.




With the late night gig packed out, and a crowd more than up for a bit of fun, it was pretty much the perfect way to finish off a brilliant Friday night.

20140510_021722Le Galaxie and Elaine Mai



Hard Working Class Heroes part 1



Hard Working Class Heroes is one of my favourite festivals – no matter where you go, no matter which venue you choose, you’re guaranteed to see some of the best of Ireland’s up and coming bands. 2013 was no different. I only made it to two of the three nights, but still got a chance to see some great acts. In a lucky case of scheduling, I was able to make it to two venues to catch five acts – Plutonic Dust (who barely made their start time because the lead singer couldn’t find a parking space!) started proceedings, followed by a great set from Elaine Mai. I’ve seen Elaine Mai, both solo and doing vocals with Le Galaxie, and love her sound.


Plutonic Dust


Elaine Mai

Next up was Anderson, who played some solo songs and also attempted to play with a full band. However, technical difficulties meant that the poor bass player wasn’t getting any sound, and the fact that they were followed by Hozier playing a stunning set with full band and backing singers just highlighted their slightly “less rounded” sound! That said, I really enjoyed Anderson’s songs and have seen him again since. But speaking of Hozier, this guy is amazing. Obviously a huge amount of the crowd were there to see him, and I can see why. Insanely talented, this guy is going to be massive.



A quick dash to the Mercantile meant we got there just in time to catch Biggles Flys Again set, this time as a threesome. These guys are brilliant and if you get a chance you should definitely head to see them.


Biggles Flys Again

Hard Working Class Heroes 2012


The fabulous Elaine Mai at Hard Working Class Heroes


Ghost Estates at Hard Working Class Heroes


Croupier at Hard Working Class Heroes

20121005_235816 20121006_000648 20121006_001254

Le Galaxie at Hard Working Class Heroes

Hard Working Class Heroes – a brilliant (and amazing value for money) opportunity to see some of the cream of Irish music across a whole heap of venues. My obvious highlight was Le Galaxie who have yet to disappoint, but also got to see a whole load of acts for the first time – Forrests, Ghost Estates, Croupier, The Strypes, Hudson Taylor, Heritage Centre and the Dirty 9s – along with another chance to check out the supremely talented Elaine Mai.


The Strypes at Hard Working Class Heroes


Hudson Taylor at Hard Working Class Heroes


Heritage Centre at Hard Working Class Heroes


The Dirty 9s at Hard Working Class Heroes

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Workmans Club Block Party


The Workman’s Club Block Party was a celebration of all that I have come to love about the Dublin music scene and all that goes with it. Pop-up markets, a draw with Don class, and beautiful acoustic sets from some of Ireland’s finest were a real treat.

We arrived in time to catch Elaine Mai’s last two songs, and it was the first time I had seen her perform solo (I’ve only seen her before doing guest vocals with Le Galaxie and Daithi). Her voice is amazing. That is all I need to say – check her out and you’ll hear what I mean.

Next up was The Man Whom, someone I’ve been trying to catch since Whelans Ones to Watch 2011. He didn’t disappoint and I’m looking forward to listening to his album that I picked up from him.

Verse Chorus Verse (aka ex-ASIWYFA’s Tony Wright) was his usual charismatic self and I just love his solo work. Roll on the release of his album whenever he gets it out (kinda hoping he does go for the “Leaking it myself” option he discussed yesterday!).

Last up, and not on the offical bill, was Barry Kirwan from Blue Choir who nabbed himself a set while his bandmates soundchecked for Overhead the Albatross. This guy can seriously sing, and the fact that it was such an intimate setting (there were four of us left there at that stage!) just added to the magic.


Elaine Mai at Workmans Club


The Man Whom at Workmans Club


Barry Kirwan at Workmans Club

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Le Galaxie

    Phone photos 729

#16 Another month, another few gigs. Mid-July was time for the Le Galaxie EP launch in the Button Factory, with support from Ships, NaNu NaNu and Sleep Thieves. The show was an explosion of glow-sticks, 80s electronica mentalness and happy punters.

As an aside, there was another complete grind to a standstill during this gig, which is foregiveable from time to time but is becoming a consistency at Le Galaxie gigs – sort it out lads!

As another aside – I got a birthday present from a friend today and it was framed poster for this gig. She knows me well!

Phone photos 709Phone photos 712

Phone photos 717Phone photos 721

Phone photos 727Phone photos 730

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Forbidden Fruit 2012


Le Galaxie featuring Elaine Mai at Forbidden Fruit

#13 Festival Number Three of 2012 cemented my realisation – I am destined to always get rained on at festivals! Forbidden Fruit 2012 was a real treat – a festival with an exceptional line-up of home grown and international talent practically on my doorstep! I hadn’t gone to Forbidden Fruit 2011 and was interested to see whether they would sort out their teething problems – I am pleased to say they did.

I chose some of the acts because I wanted to see them and some of the acts because they were inside out of the rain! I was impressed with all, despite some acts not being to my personal taste, and would definitely go to this festival again.


Mmoths at Forbidden Fruit


Toby Kaar at Forbidden Fruit


Le Galaxie at Forbidden Fruit


Hypnotic Brass Ensemble at Forbidden Fruit


Booka Shade at Forbidden Fruit


Bloody Beetroots at Forbidden Fruit

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