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Fun Lovin Criminals


 Fun Lovin Criminals were a teenage favourite of mine and I’ve seen them a couple of times since then. These guys ooze charm and from the slick set-list to the numerous shots they downed throughout the gig, it looked like they were determined to enjoy every second of this tour.



This wasn’t their best gig, by a long shot, but they played enough of the hits to balance the new stuff, and their levels of enjoyment kept the crowd with them, so the quality of the gig strangely enough didn’t really matter.



But, while they were enjoying themselves on stage, Fast appeared to be turning several shades of green, which was eventually explained by the fact that he was so hungover that he hadn’t even made it to soundcheck for this, the second night of the tour. Starting to feel their age, maybe? He perked up, largely helped by a steady flow of cider, and did his usual thing of playing numerous instruments, often at the same time, and generally putting the rest of us mere non-musical mortals to shame. Hopefully Fun Lovin Criminals will always remain this charming mix of talent, irreverance, and New York banter, so that their gigs will always be enjoyable, even when they aren’t brilliant.