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George Ezra


This blur is George Ezra

The George Ezra set in the Sugar Club was a gig that I can only call short and sweet. With support from the always-charming Soak, this guy’s voice just can’t be described. It’s one of those sounds that almost needs capital letters, and totally doesn’t match his young, blonde exterior. He doesn’t have a big catalogue of songs, but his 40-odd minute set didn’t leave us sold short because it was brilliant. If you’ll allow me have a little rant though, what wasn’t brilliant was the gobshites in the audience – largely, but not uniquely, up at the bar – who talked throughout both Soak and George’s sets. Why on earth do these people pay to come to gigs, and then not watch the acts? Please, for all our sakes, just stay home next time! Okay, rant over. To sum up, the gig was great, the audience was not.


..and this blur is the brilliant Soak

I apologise for the awful photos – the Sugar Club and taking decent photos on my phone just don’t go together, unfortunately.