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Le Galaxie


Reid at the Workmans Club


The Last Days of 1984 at the Workman’s Club


Le Galaxie’s #Workmania Christmas shows in the Workman’s Club were brilliantly bonkers as only these lads can manage to pull off (well, can pull off and still manage to be cool as f*ck)! From the now traditional dispersion of glow-sticks to the what-will-hopefully-become-traditional Jurassic Park ending, the crowd went suitably mental. With support from Reid and Last Days of 1984, this was the sweatiest gig of 2012 for me, and I think was my favourite Le Galaxie gig yet.

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Le Galaxie at the Workmans Club
*Originally posted on on 01/01/13*

Le Galaxie

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Le Galaxie at the Workmans Club

# 31 – Well, I scraped it in with gig number 31 on the 31st of December, but my New Year’s Eve outing ended up being one of my highlights of the year. I’m not a fan of New Year’s Eve so the fact that there was no countdown (in fact no acknowledgement of the change of year whatsoever) was right up my alley!

Workman’s Club for Last Days of 1984, Tieranniesaur and Le Galaxie – a highly recommended way to welcome in a New Year!

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Last Days of 1984 at the Workmans Club

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Tieranniesaur at the Workmans Club

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*Originally posted on on 19/06/13*