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Le Galaxie


If I could choose a way to welcome in a New Year, it would be at a Le Galaxie gig – minimum of New Years countdown, maximum of dancing like an idiot. Handy then that they are partial to putting on New Years gigs! I just never seem to get bored of seeing these lads.



 Mick Le Galaxie goes wandering


Love System






Second gig of the night was the Love System gig in aid of marriage equality in The Academy. An insanely good line-up with some of my favourite acts – Daithi, Ships and the ever-awesome Le Galaxie.




With the late night gig packed out, and a crowd more than up for a bit of fun, it was pretty much the perfect way to finish off a brilliant Friday night.

20140510_021722Le Galaxie and Elaine Mai



The Erics


If I’m honest, I probably shouldn’t have been at the Erics. Getting over a chest infection is never the best scenario for getting the best out of a gig – freezing, knackered and hacking up a lung, I felt like I should apologise to those standing around me for the added sound effects!


But that aside, had managed to put together a great line-up for their awards night, The Erics, with some of the best acts around at the moment. Cave Ghosts and Gavin James opened up the night, followed by O Emperor (who I had been dying to see again since their new album came out) and stars of the show, Le Galaxie. It was a night definitely worth staying out past my bedtime for!



Cave Ghosts 20140130_205643

Gavin James 20140130_213326


O Emperor 20140130_223428


20140130_225433Le Galaxie


Dave Le Galaxie has a rock-star moment

Le Galaxie

20131214_013613Le Galaxie


Young Wonder

The midnight Nialler 9 gig in The Olympia with Young Wonder and the headliners Le Galaxie was pretty much my idea of gig-heaven. Having already been at Haim that evening, I was raring to go – the weirdness of going into the Olympia at the time I’d normally be leaving it gave the whole thing a slightly forbidden feeling. This gig was just brilliant – and as someone who feels that Le Galaxie are on the cusp of something huge, I really appreciate every time I get to see them. The laser show, the dancing girls…just such a fantastic gig. I can’t quite believe that I got as many photos as I did, because as far as I remember, I danced pretty much from the moment the bands hit the stage. I’ll let the photos do the talking for me – if you were there, then you know how special this gig was.












FMC Tour

20131116_215534   20131116_204646

The First Music Contact tour brought some of the best Irish acts to a number of venues around the country, and I went along to the Workmans Club gig  – well I was hardly going to miss a chance to see Daithi and Le Galaxie in a relatively small venue, seeing as both are on a fairly stratospheric rise at the moment and unlikely to be playing in venues like these for much longer.


And just like at St Patrick’s Day, I got to bring a friend who had never seen Le Galaxie before, which is always something special. There’s not much more I can say about Le Galaxie that I haven’t said before – but the fact that this gig included Mick Pope crowd surfing and them blasting out new songs to a crowd that were more than ready to hear them made this gig feel just that little bit special.


Le Galaxie in 3d


Le Galaxie are awesome. Le Galaxie always have awesome visuals. Combine those awesome visuals with 3d technology? And an outdoor venue? On a dry, crisp night in September? As part of the Fringe Fest? Mind blown.

Michael le Galaxie can jump higher than Dave le Galaxie.

20130914_231106   The moment Dave combusted.

The lads were in fine form, and the crowd were ready to go nuts. All the palaver about venue, and time, and noise complaints (which resulted in a nice crowd statement to the restaurant who almost got the whole thing cancelled) could have taken the edge off, but nothing could dampen the collective spirits. A first chance to hear what went on to be their new single, Lucy is Here, was pretty special too.


Sparklers, guys standing on the crowd and glitterball jackets. Just go see them. Seriously. GO!

20130914_231920Every gig should have sparklers.

20130914_233353This guy stood on the crowd. I mean, how cool is that?

Bell X1 (thanks @goldenplec!)

A grand total of 5 days after the NCH show, it was off down to Cork to see Bell X1 in the Marquee, thanks to two tickets won from the wonderful people at Goldenplec. I love getting to go to different venues for gigs so this was a real treat – and any excuse to get down to Cork is good with me!


It was also a bit of a weird start to the show – as you all know by now, I am a big fan of Le Galaxie. I have seen them numerous times (17, I think, at last count) and generally love their shows. I have now discovered that Bell X1 fans from Cork may not share my love for them. Le Galaxie did their best, but the crowd seemed disinterested at best. Not the best choice as support (and not just because they deserve to be headlining shows like these) – this show really did not do the Le Galaxie awesomeness justice.




I also found that, for me, gigs like this are a better fit. The NCH show had been lovely, but I prefer being able to sing along, and move about, and have some craic, so the Marquee was way more up my alley. I also enjoyed the mix of old and new material and realised that there are some seriously die-hard Bell X1 fans out there! All in all, a great show – thanks Goldenplec!