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Joint First Place

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@leGalaxie and @Raglans are tied for who I saw most frequently in 2012 – at a fairly impressive 9 times each. But what is interesting is that, while Le Galaxie have been favourites of mine for the last two-odd years, I saw Raglans for the first time at Vantastival in May of 2012. I also got to see a half-frozen Le Galaxie there, and despite the cold, it remains one of my highlights of 2012. Very, very different acts, but both brilliant. Hope to see a lot more of both of them in 2013 although the fact that both are doing so well makes me nervous that the opportunity may not arise to see them as frequently in 2013.

*Originally posted on on 01/01/13*

Le Galaxie


Reid at the Workmans Club


The Last Days of 1984 at the Workman’s Club


Le Galaxie’s #Workmania Christmas shows in the Workman’s Club were brilliantly bonkers as only these lads can manage to pull off (well, can pull off and still manage to be cool as f*ck)! From the now traditional dispersion of glow-sticks to the what-will-hopefully-become-traditional Jurassic Park ending, the crowd went suitably mental. With support from Reid and Last Days of 1984, this was the sweatiest gig of 2012 for me, and I think was my favourite Le Galaxie gig yet.

20121221_232713 20121221_233918
Le Galaxie at the Workmans Club
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Hard Working Class Heroes 2012


The fabulous Elaine Mai at Hard Working Class Heroes


Ghost Estates at Hard Working Class Heroes


Croupier at Hard Working Class Heroes

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Le Galaxie at Hard Working Class Heroes

Hard Working Class Heroes – a brilliant (and amazing value for money) opportunity to see some of the cream of Irish music across a whole heap of venues. My obvious highlight was Le Galaxie who have yet to disappoint, but also got to see a whole load of acts for the first time – Forrests, Ghost Estates, Croupier, The Strypes, Hudson Taylor, Heritage Centre and the Dirty 9s – along with another chance to check out the supremely talented Elaine Mai.


The Strypes at Hard Working Class Heroes


Hudson Taylor at Hard Working Class Heroes


Heritage Centre at Hard Working Class Heroes


The Dirty 9s at Hard Working Class Heroes

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Le Galaxie

    Phone photos 729

#16 Another month, another few gigs. Mid-July was time for the Le Galaxie EP launch in the Button Factory, with support from Ships, NaNu NaNu and Sleep Thieves. The show was an explosion of glow-sticks, 80s electronica mentalness and happy punters.

As an aside, there was another complete grind to a standstill during this gig, which is foregiveable from time to time but is becoming a consistency at Le Galaxie gigs – sort it out lads!

As another aside – I got a birthday present from a friend today and it was framed poster for this gig. She knows me well!

Phone photos 709Phone photos 712

Phone photos 717Phone photos 721

Phone photos 727Phone photos 730

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Forbidden Fruit 2012


Le Galaxie featuring Elaine Mai at Forbidden Fruit

#13 Festival Number Three of 2012 cemented my realisation – I am destined to always get rained on at festivals! Forbidden Fruit 2012 was a real treat – a festival with an exceptional line-up of home grown and international talent practically on my doorstep! I hadn’t gone to Forbidden Fruit 2011 and was interested to see whether they would sort out their teething problems – I am pleased to say they did.

I chose some of the acts because I wanted to see them and some of the acts because they were inside out of the rain! I was impressed with all, despite some acts not being to my personal taste, and would definitely go to this festival again.


Mmoths at Forbidden Fruit


Toby Kaar at Forbidden Fruit


Le Galaxie at Forbidden Fruit


Hypnotic Brass Ensemble at Forbidden Fruit


Booka Shade at Forbidden Fruit


Bloody Beetroots at Forbidden Fruit

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Camden Crawl Dublin 2012


Verse Chorus Verse at The Village


Jape at the Village

20120511_210935 20120511_210939

Le Galaxie at the VIllage

 #12 Onto Festival number two of the year for me – Camden Crawl Dublin. This is new to Dublin and if this year was anything to go by, I hope it becomes a fixture. Well organised and requiring a little planning on behalf of the punters, this worked really well. The fact that it involved no camping, particularly after the cold of Vantastival, was another unexpected highlight!

Featuring a wealth of Irish and international acts, it was a case of either picking a venue and sticking there for whatever was on, or picking acts and hoping the venue wasn’t full when you got there. We did one night of each, and in my experience, CHOOSE YOUR VENUE! Pick the one act that you have just got to see, and then watch the other acts in the same venue. Friday night was built around Le Galaxie, so it was off to the Village. The fact that the Village was also host to Verse Chorus Verse (the uber talented Tony Wright, ex- of ASIWYFA), Jape and We are Scientists was a pretty awesome coincidence.

Saturday we headed to the Workmans Club to see Girl Band and NaNu NaNu and I hoped to see Toby Kaar, but was outvoted so we headed across town to the Village to see the Rubber Bandits. I was disappointed but not surprised to be proven right and to find that the venue was at capacity and we hadn’t a hope of getting in, thus ending our Camden Crawl experience.

I definitely hope to head to this in 2013 and see if it can live up to the highs of its inaugural year.


Girl Band at the Workmans Club


Nanu Nanu in the Workman’s Club

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Vantastival 2012

2012-05-07 15.35.54

#11 Onto May and the first of my many festivals of 2012, and my first camera fail of 2012. Vantastival is a small festival run just north of Dundalk and is an intimate festival with just a few stages. Its focus is on campervans and the culture that goes with camper-vanning (hence Van-tastival, geddit?!) and this leads to a gloriously eclectic crowd of all ages.

Unfortunately, the May Bank Holiday weekend in Ireland may just be slightly too early in the year for comfortable camping and we froze. I don’t know whether it was the cold, or a lack of organisation on my part, or a bit of both, but battery drain on both my phone and my camera meant I left this festival photo-less.

This does no justice to what has been one of my highlights of 2012. The line-up was brilliant and introduced me to a whole new set of acts who have now become some of my favourites. Old festival pros like Ham Sandwich, Cathy Davey, the Viking Project and Le Galaxie were joined by The Barley Mob, RSAG, The Original Rudeboys, Gypsy Rebel Rabble, Willow Sea and Raglans. I’ve been lucky enough to catch most of these acts again since, and they are quite simply brilliant and are making me freshly excited about the state of Irish music at the moment.

It was also highly entertaining for the crowd to see the acts freezing, just like us, and the sense of camaraderie was probably peaked for me when (yet another) technical glitch for Le Galaxie resulted in an entire tent of star jumping punters being led by Dave Le Galaxie. Surreal but summed up the weekend for me!

New ones to watch:RSAG, The Barley Mob, The Original Rudeboys, Willow Sea, and most definitely Raglans (these lads are seriously good).

*Originally posted on on 02/08/12*