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“We are made of star stuff” Spirit of Folk Festival 2014 launch


The Spirit of Folk Festival 2014 Launch in Whelans – titled We Are Made of Star Stuff” – was one of those special nights that you stumble upon but that leaves you just a little bit changed. I know that sounds pretentious, but with a great musical line-up preceded by a stellar (see what I did there? Geddit?!) list of speakers, it was always going to be a little bit special.

What surprised me was that although the music was great – particularly Carriages, who are consistently brilliant – it was the speakers that absolutely made the night. The┬áspeakers ranged from Lee Hurley talking about how we are all a little bit star (and they are all a little bit us), to poet Stephen James Smith, via Grace Dyas talking about creativity and Christian Reeves, who told us all to start before we’re ready. A beautiful night all in all.


Stephen James



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