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Hard Working Class Heroes 2014



Planet Parade

Hard Working Class Heroes 2014 was a last minute festival addition for me – after thinking that I wasn’t going to be in a position to go, I was so delighted to be able to head along to two of the three nights. A really impressive line-up inevitably lead to clashes, but I was happy with the acts I got to see, particularly as HWCH 2014 was hit by some serious rain and bad weather which meant venue hopping was less than appealing.


Liza Flume

Featuring some of the best Irish acts around, Hard Working Class Heroes gives a great chance to catch bands that you might not think of seeing elsewhere. Some of my favourite acts to see now are ones that I first saw at Hard Working Class Heroes.

A Lazarus Soul




Vann Music


Maud in Cahoots20141003_232259

Ham Sandwich

We Cut Corners



I relatively rarely am drawn so much to two gigs that I am willing to do a double header in one night. May 9th 2014 was am exception. We Cut Corners had been one of my festival favourites a couple of years ago and I hadn’t seen them in a while. Liza Flume in support sealed the deal.



Both acts were just great – the new We Cut Corners material is really good and Liza Flume is simply sublime. Fantastic gig.


Emily Wells


Emily Wells upstairs in Whelans was another one of my whim gigs as I was determined to hit my 52 gig target. I am so so glad I took a chance on this gig, particularly as I don’t go to see many female artists (not a fan of the screechy “I’ll show my vocal range” approach to music). I didn’t know any of her music, but her support act, Liza Flume, was a massive draw – Liza is fantastic and another opportunity to see her so soon after her Workman’s Club gig cemented her place in my list of ones to watch at the moment.



Emily herself is a one-woman band, reminscent of Kate Bush or Tori Amos, and yet completely unique – she’s quite hard to describe. Keeping her chat to a limit until towards the end of the gig, she seemed to really enjoy herself, and the crowd, most of whom were plonked on the floor of the venue upstairs in Whelans, certainly seemed to be enjoying the show as much as I was. Brilliant, brilliant gig – check out her music if you want to hear something a bit different from the usual fodder.


Liza Flume


It was around this time of 2013 that I realised that I with the tickets I had already bought that I was going to be going to 46 gigs that year. I decided that with a number so tantalisingly close to averaging one a week that I really wanted to find a few more gigs and try to hit that milestone. I only had a couple of months left so it was going to mean going to multiple gigs each week Рwhich, to be honest, is no hardship, but can be take its toll on the amount of sleep I get!


So I trawled the gig listings, and boy was I glad I did. Liza Flume was playing a gig in the Workman’s Club – and it was a night that I was free so off I went. Her show was amazing. Seriously talented – this girl can create more rhythm and melody with a loop pedal, clicking fingers, a guitar and her voice than a lot of the full bands I’ve seen. She came across as so humble, repeatedly referring to the fact that she was amazed that there were more people in the room than she knew in real life – it’s always amazing to see someone with so much potential being so surprised that people actually want to come to see them!


Liza Flume with Brona Keogh and Katie Lynn from Gypsy Rebel Rabble