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June brought another chance to see Raglans doing a headline show – and a far better fit downstairs in Whelans than upstairs! Hot, sweaty, and complete with crowd-surfers, this gig was everything we’ve come to expect from a Raglans show.





Crowd surfer – and someone apparently dancing to the YMCA!


Daithi’s support set was brilliant as well, but far too few people showed up to see it. I never know why people pay for tickets and then don’t show up for the support act. Some of my now favourite acts were ones that I saw first in a support slot!

The Courteeners


Courteeners in The Academy was one of the few gigs of the year where I left early – nothing against them, but I was just wrecked. Raglans did their usual trick of pulling everyone in early and filling the floor – something makes me think they won’t be supporting acts like this for too much longer.


Courteeners were a seriously slick act and I would love to see them again under slightly less exhausted conditions! 20130321_213728

Haiti Fest 2013


The Walls at the Sugar Club

Haiti Fest moved from Whelans to the Sugar Club for their 2013 fund raiser, which lead to a more sedate night all round, with a bit more sitting and a bit less dancing than last year! With their now traditional mix of the best of Irish and Haitian music, it gave me another chance to see festival favourites Raglans and Ham Sandwich, along with a massive trip down memory lane listening to the Walls!


Red Queen Contest at the Sugar Club


Raglans at the Sugar Club


Ham Sandwich at the Sugar Club

Joint First Place

 2012-01-15 00.40.25

@leGalaxie and @Raglans are tied for who I saw most frequently in 2012 – at a fairly impressive 9 times each. But what is interesting is that, while Le Galaxie have been favourites of mine for the last two-odd years, I saw Raglans for the first time at Vantastival in May of 2012. I also got to see a half-frozen Le Galaxie there, and despite the cold, it remains one of my highlights of 2012. Very, very different acts, but both brilliant. Hope to see a lot more of both of them in 2013 although the fact that both are doing so well makes me nervous that the opportunity may not arise to see them as frequently in 2013.

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Echotape at Whelans


The Mighty Stef at Whelans

December started with Raglans in Whelans with support from The Mighty Stef and Echotape. Now Echotape may have been good, but we were more than a little distracted by the lead singer. Sunglasses indoors and trousers that tight did nothing for my attention levels, I’m afraid! The Mighty Stef did not disappoint – seriously talented lad. And then it was Raglans. I wasn’t sure what to expect after their line-up change, but they were fantastic as always. Already going on to bigger and better things (opening the Late Late Show a few weeks later is a sign of things to come), every time I get to catch these lads feels like a treat – I’ve a feeling that 2013 is going to be their year, and well deserved.




Raglans at Whelans

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Heathers at the Academy

Going to see Heathers in the Academy was a fairly last minute decision, probably swayed in the end by their support act, Raglans. Raglans were on early enough, and the place was far from packed. The fact that the floor was filled by the time they were finished pretty much says it all! These lads know how to get people watching them.

Heathers were another treat. If any of you have noticed on this blog, I tend not to listen to female acts. These girls fairly changed my mind – their harmonies and easy, summery sounds were an absolute pleasure.

20120929_202049 20120929_202056a 20120929_204642
Raglans at the Academy
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Raglans upstairs in Whelans


Last night, upstairs in Whelans, I was reminded why I love going to gigs so much. The Raglans played a free gig for their fans, with pretty darn good support from Adeala and the Meanits who were playing their 33rd gig in 28 days and had played all 32 counties – seriously impressive.

I’ve already posted about the Raglads from other gigs I’ve seen them at, so there isn’t a huge amount left to say without repeating myself endlessly.

Seriously talented, with far more to them than their two EP releases do justice (don’t get me wrong, EPs are awesome but so is the unreleased stuff I’ve heard them do) and a crowd of fans that is quite willing to hurl themselves around the place, these lads will definitely make you feel like smiling.

Check them out at Electric Picnic – Salty Dog stage, Sunday 5pm. If I’m still standing, I’ll be front and centre!

Adeala and the Meanits upstairs in Whelans
Raglans upstairs in Whelans
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Jack of Diamonds Rhythm and Roots Festival part 2


Raglans at Workmans Club


Slim Pickins at Workmans Club

Saturday brought a slightly more laid back vibe. The tone in the Workman’s Club was set by Raglans who played a pared back acoustic set, being a Raglad down. On much earlier than billed, I caught about 2/3 of the set and it was a pity there wasn’t a bigger crowd there to see it. These lads are a really talented bunch who are definitely going places, and it’s a treat to catch them in smaller venues while I can.

Slim Pickins brought the roots to the Rhythm and Roots festival, with a deep south bluegrass sound that makes the Irish accents all the more surprising! While not my usual taste, I enjoyed their set and their harmonies were nothing short of lovely.

Last up for me were Nathan Conway and the River Valley Band, who were a pleasant surprise. Loved their sound, and having picked up the album on my way out, they’ve been added to my list of bands I’d like to try to see again.

Nathan Conway and the River Valley Band
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