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The Riptide Movement





I’ve written about The Riptide Movement numerous times – they’re probably the act that I have seen most frequently. There is something lovely about seeing a group like TRM, who have worked their asses off to get to where they are today, sell out a venue like Vicar Street. Their excitement came off the stage in waves and was lapped up by the crowd who were raring to go. The musical highlight of the night was the acoustic encore set, but the overall highlight was seeing these lads do so well.



However, there comes a point where you know an act so well that it is really difficult to comment on their shows – and I think I might be reaching that point with TRM. I’ll still go to see them to lend my support, but I might just post the photos here, rather than writing about them – there’s only so much I can say about an act I’ve seen so often without repeating myself!



Rainy Boy Sleep – a vast improvement on previous support act Dakota 66.