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Jack of Diamonds Rhythm and Roots Festival part 2


Raglans at Workmans Club


Slim Pickins at Workmans Club

Saturday brought a slightly more laid back vibe. The tone in the Workman’s Club was set by Raglans who played a pared back acoustic set, being a Raglad down. On much earlier than billed, I caught about 2/3 of the set and it was a pity there wasn’t a bigger crowd there to see it. These lads are a really talented bunch who are definitely going places, and it’s a treat to catch them in smaller venues while I can.

Slim Pickins brought the roots to the Rhythm and Roots festival, with a deep south bluegrass sound that makes the Irish accents all the more surprising! While not my usual taste, I enjoyed their set and their harmonies were nothing short of lovely.

Last up for me were Nathan Conway and the River Valley Band, who were a pleasant surprise. Loved their sound, and having picked up the album on my way out, they’ve been added to my list of bands I’d like to try to see again.

Nathan Conway and the River Valley Band
*Originally posted on on 19/08/12*