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Haiti Fest


The Riptide Movement at Whelans

#3 Next up was Haiti Fest in Whelans – randomly organised in part by the daughter of one of my old teachers, who I last remembered hiding under her mother’s desk in our classroom. A lovely night, with a mish mash of acts and a very friendly crowd. The Haitian contingent were dotes, most of whom I spoke to at some point or other in the night, quite frequently in the jacks!

First up were Storyfold, who I quite possibly mortally offended when I talked to frontman Paddy by mentioning the fact that the venue had been pretty empty. Sorry lads, no reflection on your music, just on the Irish gig-going crowd’s inability to get to a venue on time! There was a Haitian act up next, then crowd pleasers Bipolar Empire and The Riptide Movement, who were both brilliant, as expected. These two acts are so consistently slick, polished and enjoyable that many far more successful acts could learn a lot from them.

*Originally posted on on 01/08/12*

 Storyfold at WhelansRalph from Mogwai Ralph from Mawon at Whelans
Bipolar Empire
Bipolar Empire at Whelans
 The Riptide Movement at Whelans

The Riptide Movement

Swan Lane 22nd October 006

#22 – No such concerns with my other October gig. The Riptide Movement, supported by Storyfold, managed to make a fairly empty Swan Lane venue in Navan absolutely rock. Complete with random drunken Navan man dancing, the night was a good ‘un!

Swan Lane 22nd October 007

The Riptide Movement at Swan Lane

Swan Lane 22nd October 004

Storyfold at Swan Lane

*Originally posted on on 16/06/12*

Sea Sessions 2011

O Emporer

O Emporer at Sea Sessions


Storyfold at Sea Sessions


Delays at Sea Sessions

The Minutes

The Minutes at Sea Sessions


Codes at Sea Sessions

#13 – Sea Sessions 2011 should have been brilliant, but Irish festival weather put paid to that. While the festival itself had a great line-up, the star of the show in sunshine is Bundoran itself and the beautiful coastal setting of the festival site. In rain, there is little to do until the music starts and when you are trying not to have a weekend of solid drinking, this created a bit of a problem.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed the weekend, but I know I would have enjoyed it even more if the sun had come out for more than the last few hours on the Sunday evening.


Villagers at Sea Sessions

Japanese Popstars

Japanese Popstars at Sea Sessions

The Riptide Movement

The Riptide Movement at Sea Sessions


The Skatalites at Sea Sessions

Brian Deady

Brian Deady at Sea Sessions

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