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Choice Music Prize 2012


Heathers starting the night in style


Bouncy pixie, miss Wallis Bird (this was the least blurry photo I managed to get)


Adrian Crowley




Julie Feeney

The 2012 Choice Music Prize was back to its proper home in Vicar Street and the nominees meant that those of us in attendance really got to see some of the best live acts around at the moment. While some were acts that I had seen before (some even at previous Choice Music Prizes!), some were ones I’ve been wanting to see for ages – Damien Dempsey – or more recently – Windings.


Gavin James, winner of Irish Song of the Year


Damien Dempsey


Mumblin Deaf Ro




The Cast of Cheers

Delorentos went on to be well-deserved winners, and their emotional acceptance speech summed up just what this prize means to the acts themselves.


Collecting their gong

Two Door Cinema Club


Two Door Cinema Club at the Point

Two Door Cinema Club was a gig worth overcoming my hatred of the Point, sorry… O2, for. I’ve been dying to see these lads live for ages, since getting a taster with their acoustic set at Choice Music Prize. The fact that they were supported by two of my favourite Irish live acts of recent times – The Cast of Cheers and Jape – was a significant bonus. Getting tickets late in the day meant we ended up with some of the worst in the house, but as others got upgraded, we were eventually moved to better seats in a slightly less nose-bleed section!

The Cast of Cheers were made to be seen in a venue this size, and hopefully will soon be headlining themselves. Jape, much as I love Richie, seemed a little lost and I have much preferred seeing him in smaller venues or with a festival crowd. Two Door Cinema Club ploughed through the hits – and reminded me just how many they have had – and had the crowd hopping. A room full of massive balls also helped to lighten the mood in a gig that was sparse on banter!


The Cast of Cheers at the Point


Jape at the Point


Two Door Cinema Club at the Point

Electric Picnic Part 2


Heathers at Electric Picnic


The Cast of Cheers at Electric Picnic


Daithi at Electric Picnic


White Collar Boy at Electric Picnic

Electric Picnic – Day Two


David Kitt at Electric Picnic


Solar Bears at Electric Picnic


Patti Smith at Electric Picnic


The Cure at Electric Picnic


Grimes is in there somewhere! (at Electric Picnic)


Orbital at Electric Picnic

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Choice Music Prize 2010

Cathy Davey

Cathy Davey at Choice Music Prize 2010


Halves at Choice Music Prize 2010

Fight Like Apes

Fight Like Apes at Choice Music Prize 2010

James Vincent McMorrow

James Vincent McMorrow at Choice Music Prize 2010

#6 – 2011 also brought my second time going to the Choice Music Prize show in Vicar St. Although my camera phone did possibly its worst job at any gig I’d attended, the show itself was a treat. My tastes in music were pushed somewhat further than I expected by Adebisi Shank but as a line-up it really did show what a diverse array of musical talent is floating around Ireland at the moment. An acoustic set from the eventual winners Two Door Cinema Club also felt more than a little bit special.

O Emporer

O Emporer at Choice Music Prize 2010

The Cast of Cheers

The Cast of Cheers at Choice Music Prize 2010

Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club at Choice Music Prize 2010


Villagers at Choice Music Prize 2010

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