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The Coronas


The Coronas in the Olympia Theatre in December is fast becoming a Christmas tradition. Our seats this year were slightly less favourable for the taking of photos (right at the back of the Circle!) but that didn’t take away from just how talented these guys are. They hammered through their hits to give them time to play quite a few of their new songs. An amazing light show, a crowd that were more than happy to join in with EVERY song, a band that were bouncing about the stage and support from the rather brilliant Gavin James – all in all, a pretty awesome night.




The Coronas

Coronas gig 014

Coronas gig 019

The Coronas at the Olympia Theatre

# 27 – December was a seriously busy month. In addition to all the usual Christmas shenanigans that go on like parties, shopping, random drinks and dinners, etc, I also still had 5 more gigs to get to in order to reach my target. Getting so close and failing at the final hurdle would have been devastating, particularly as there had been a few other gigs that year that I had tickets for but couldn’t make for one reason or another.

The first of my December gigs was the Coronas in the Olympia, a gig which is becoming a bit of a Christmas habit at this stage. The support were from two favourites of mine – Bipolar Empire and The Kanyu Tree. Brilliant line-up, brilliant night, and no power cuts in 2011, which was a nice change after 2010!

Coronas gig 012

The Kanyu Tree at the Olympia Theatre

Coronas gig 005

Bipolar Empire at the Olympia Theatre

*Originally posted on on 18/06/12*