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The Eskies


The Eskies finally got around to releasing an EP in November – long awaited, and Sherry-go-round was worth waiting for. Selling out the Grand Social and filling it with friends and fans alike made for a euphoric sort of gig when it was coupled with their apparent relief at finally getting their music out there. Ending their gig with a toast to the crowd while the crowd enthusiastically toasted back was a fitting end to a fantastic gig. Ones to watch in my humble opinion.

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*Originally posted on on 31/12/12*

Jack of Diamonds Rhythm and Roots Festival


Gypsy Rebel Rabble at Workmans Club


The Eskies at Workmans Club


The Hot Sprockets at Workmans Club

Jack of Diamonds Rhythm and Roots Festival was an absolutely brilliant event run over a few different venues in Dublin. On Friday night, headed to the Workman’s Club to see some of my festival favourites – Gypsy Rebel Rabble, The Eskies and Hot Sprockets – and they didn’t disappoint. The place was hot and sticky but it didn’t stop these bands from getting everyone dancing like absolute loons. Managed to make it to Sweeneys after Hot Sprockets’ set to catch the tail end of Boo Box’s set and I was glad I suffered through the world’s hottest venue – these lads are class.

You may notice the same heads popping up in a few photos – these band members fairly get around the place!

The Boo Box at Sweeneys
*Originally posted on on 19/08/12*