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Hot Press Jagermeister Freezer Sessions


 The Academic

The Hot Press Jagermeister Freezer Sessions always bring together an eclectic but talented bunch, and are growing in size each year. This year’s line-up were disgustingly talented youngsters The Academic, Jagermeister Freezer Sessions Live Band of the Year Rackhouse Pilfer, Booka Brass Band and The Minutes.

Highlight for me were Booka Brass Band, who I somehow had never seen live before. These lads are fantastic – I mean, who doesn’t love synchronised brass brilliance?!

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Rackhouse Pilfer


Booka Brass Band20141204_233101 20141204_233105The Minutes

Rubyworks Presents part 2

Rubyworks Presents… was a series of three gigs celebrating ten years of the independent label Rubyworks. Their eclectic line-up for each night shows the standard of some of their produce as they play against the big boys.

Deap Valley are like a girl version of the Black Keys, Funeral Suits were brilliant and the Minutes had lost enough of their arrogance to redeem themselves in my eyes without totally losing their “don’t give a shit” attitude (they didn’t spit on us this time – always a plus in my books!).

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for Fight like Apes no matter how much I really, really wanted to – a weekend of little sleep, work in the morning and a need to save my energy for the rest of the gigs I’m heading to this week – Raglans tomorrow, hopefully Codes on Thursday and then Electric Picnic at the weekend – meant I allowed my sensible side to win out. If I’d stayed for them, I know I’d have been out for the night. If the rest of the line up were a precursor for them, I’m 100% certain that they must have been spectacular!

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The Minutes

The Minutes (19)

# 21 – My first gig of October was a bit of a weird one. The Minutes played in Whelans, and their show was simply awesome. Their swagger, attitude and deafness inducing sound impressed me hugely. What surprised me was the fact that I felt it was all just a bit of an act – and their huge, huge arrogance left me cold. Rock and roll is one thing, but not spitting on your audience can go a long way.

The Minutes (15)

The Minutes

The Minutes (24)

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Sea Sessions 2011

O Emporer

O Emporer at Sea Sessions


Storyfold at Sea Sessions


Delays at Sea Sessions

The Minutes

The Minutes at Sea Sessions


Codes at Sea Sessions

#13 – Sea Sessions 2011 should have been brilliant, but Irish festival weather put paid to that. While the festival itself had a great line-up, the star of the show in sunshine is Bundoran itself and the beautiful coastal setting of the festival site. In rain, there is little to do until the music starts and when you are trying not to have a weekend of solid drinking, this created a bit of a problem.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed the weekend, but I know I would have enjoyed it even more if the sun had come out for more than the last few hours on the Sunday evening.


Villagers at Sea Sessions

Japanese Popstars

Japanese Popstars at Sea Sessions

The Riptide Movement

The Riptide Movement at Sea Sessions


The Skatalites at Sea Sessions

Brian Deady

Brian Deady at Sea Sessions

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