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The Erics


State Lights

Emerging from a First Fortnight haze for The Erics took a bit of doing, but was well worth it. Getting to see openers State Lights again, who I had seen at the First Fortnight Big Gig, was a real treat – they are an impressive act who I’d expect to be seeing higher up the bill before the year is out. Further up the bill were Daithi, who is always brilliant, and headliners The Riptide Movement, impressive as always. The night was rounded out by Le Galaxie doing a DJ set, who unfortunately were on a little late for a school night and played to a largely empty venue. An eclectic mix of acts but a fun night!


State Lights




The Riptide Movement

20150129_230655Le Galaxie DJs

The Riptide Movement


So the December Riptide Movement show was my first time formally reviewing them, which proved much more tricky than I expected. While this show was great, and the crowd loved it, it’s hard not to remember their more raw, less slick shows of old with nostalgia. I think this inevitably happens with an act you’ve seen a lot and doesn’t detract from the show that TRM put on. It’s hard to review people that you know without letting that impact, but I think I did the show justice.

This gig was originally reviewed for Ceol Collective which has now ceased operations. The review that was published is preserved for posterity here!

Making a triumphant return for their third show in Vicar Street, The Riptide Movement were determined to show how far they’d come since their days of busking on Grafton Street.

If 2013 was a big year for the Lucan quartet, with the signing of their Universal deal, then 2014 has been even bigger. Announcing at the Vicar Street show that their most recent album, “Getting Through” had just gone gold, the entire show seemed to be a celebration of all they’d achieved.

Slamming through a set-list with old favourites like “Shake Shake” and “Tip Jars” along with new classics like “All Works Out”, TRM never fail to entertain, and to make the most of additional musical punch provided by the brass section and backing singers, who are now an almost permanent fixture.

Having been to the other Vicar Street shows this year, it was a risk that it would all just start to sound the same, but in fairness to the lads, their encore set proved they are not resting on their laurels. From the encore opener played acoustically at the back of a packed Vicar Street, to the brass section interspersed through the crowd, and even lead singer Mal Tuohy’s impromptu appearance on the balcony (which appeared to be to the surprise even of the other bandmates!), it was clear that they were having a ball, and sounding as good as they ever have.

With shows as enjoyable as this and the fact that 2014 brought great things for them at home and further afield, I think 2015 is going to be a big year for The Riptide Movement.



 An explosive Happy Christmas from The Riptide Movement!


Support act Willie Nile – didn’t think much of him to be honest, not remotely to my taste.

The Riptide Movement





I’ve written about The Riptide Movement numerous times – they’re probably the act that I have seen most frequently. There is something lovely about seeing a group like TRM, who have worked their asses off to get to where they are today, sell out a venue like Vicar Street. Their excitement came off the stage in waves and was lapped up by the crowd who were raring to go. The musical highlight of the night was the acoustic encore set, but the overall highlight was seeing these lads do so well.



However, there comes a point where you know an act so well that it is really difficult to comment on their shows – and I think I might be reaching that point with TRM. I’ll still go to see them to lend my support, but I might just post the photos here, rather than writing about them – there’s only so much I can say about an act I’ve seen so often without repeating myself!



Rainy Boy Sleep – a vast improvement on previous support act Dakota 66.

The Riptide Movement


A couple of weeks after their epic Vicar Street gig, I was lucky enough to win tickets for the Hot Press “secret” gig with the Riptide Movement in Lillies Bordello (thanks again Hot Press and Corona!). The photos are useless as our vantage point was great for access to the bar but not so good for picture taking!


That said, this gig was right back to the Riptide gigs of old – small and intimate with the lads rocking out and looking like they were having the time of their lives. I’ve said it before, but each time I get to see the Riptide boys in a smaller venue, it feels like it might be one of my last opportunities to do it.


The Riptide Movement


The next gig was nothing short of a celebration. I’ve been to see the Riptide Movement more often than I care to count, and reckon they’re the hardest working band I’ve ever seen. Cutting their teeth busking on Grafton street and gigging in pretty much every venue in the country and further afield, I couldn’t have been happier to hear that they’d signed a deal with Universal. These lads could not deserve it more.



So their gig in Vicar Street to launch their new album was a party, complete with brass section, glamorous backing singers and confetti cannons (which didn’t require Gar running out from behind the drums to set them off like some of their gigs I’ve been at). The Riptide Movement deserve every ounce of success that comes their way.





Their support act continues to deserve special mention – Dakota 66 are an act that really have to be seen to be believed (set list, light up bass, guitarist who looks like Chuck Norris’ love child – just a taster of what you’d get to see!).


Dakota 66

Hot Press Big Break Live



When Hot Press ran a competition to find their Big Break cover star, it was always going to end up with a quality act. And Katie Laffan was that quality act. The double header upstairs in Odessa with The Riptide Movement was an intimate night, and a chance to see TRM for the third time in two weeks. Even for me, that might have been a bit excessive!