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Arthurs Day 2012

20120927_201726 20120927_204814

 Arthur’s Day threatened to be a bit anti-climactic this year when I got a ticket for the Delorentos in the Mercantile but none of my friends did. So I gave away the ticket and treated myself to a brilliant set from the Shoos in Flannery’s instead.

Tex and the lads were brilliant for their second set of the night, coming after a band whose name I didn’t catch but who looked like they were having the time of their lives! If you haven’t had a chance to see the Shoos yet, do. Their sound is quite simply a treat!


*Originally posted on on 25/11/12*

Whelans Sounds of the Summer

20120622_203224   The Shoos at Whelans

#14 Next up was one night of the Whelans Sounds of Summer festival for The Shoos, Pugwash and The Riptide Movement.

I had seen the Shoos in 2011 and hadn’t managed to see them again, so this was a real treat. Tex’s voice is like rough velvet and I could listen to these lads forever.

Pugwash had been at Choice earlier in the year and were good fun, and TRM were their usual brilliant selves.

20120622_211503 Pugwash at Whelans



The Riptide Movement at Whelans
*Originally posted on on 02/08/12*


Bressie at Whelans

#14 – Just back from Sea Sessions 2011 and off to see Bressie in Whelans, the first time I had seen him solo. I had been a big supporter of the Blizzards and had been lucky enough to see them quite a few times. I knew the standard of his live performance from the Blizzards’ shows, but the unknown entity this time around were the actual songs! The album wasn’t released until later in 2011, so this felt like a sneak preview of the material.

I have to admit that the Blizzards’ style was more to my taste, but you cannot deny that Bressie knows how to pen a seriously catchy, radio-friendly song.

In fact, my big find on the night were the support act The Shoos – a seriously classy band, with an amazing front man, these lads have now become one of my Ipod regulars.

The Shoos

Bressie at Whelans

*Originally posted on on 11/06/12*