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Now I’ve seen Tieranniesaur at various festivals and I really, really enjoyed them. So I was looking forward to their launch in Whelans. This was a slick and accomplished show….but there’s a “but” coming. To be honest, I felt a sense of disconnect between them and the crowd, and even among the band themselves. Maybe it was just me, but I had definitely enjoyed their other sets more than I enjoyed this one.20130510_214859As a complete aside, they are also one of the most difficult bands to get a decent picture of!

Body and Soul


Django Django at Body and Soul

#15 The end of June brought another festival – number four for 2012 Body and Soul. And yet another washout! The festival itself was an eclectic mix of music and arts, which was marred by the muck that managed to get everywhere, leading to flooded carparks and a real mess of a campsite.

Don’t let this imply that I didn’t enjoy Body and Soul because I really did – the line-up had a few acts that I knew and a few more that I now know and love. The massive highlight for me was Django Django who I had missed at the Grand Social (I played ticket fairy and gave away my two tickets to some randomer on Facebook).


Django Django at Body and Soul


Spiritualised at Body and Soul


The Viking Project at Body and Soul


Kormac’s Big Band at Body and Soul


Arveene at Body and Soul


Gold Panda at Body and Soul


M83 at Body and Soul


The Barley Mob at Body and Soul

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Choice Music Prize 2011

2012-03-08 21.54.03

Jape at the Olympia Theatre

2012-03-08 19.38.28

Tieranniesaur at the Olympia Theatre

2012-03-08 19.57.47

We Cut Corners at the Olympia Theatre

2012-03-08 20.13.34

Japanese Popstars at the Olympia Theatre

2012-03-08 22.27.48

Bell X1 at the Olympia Theatre

#5 March proved busier gig-wise, starting with my now annual trip to Choice Music Prize, for the first time in the Olympia rather than Vicar Street. I really find this a brilliant way to find new Irish acts to follow, or to remind me of acts that I sometimes push to the wayside.

As usual, this years  acts were an eclectic bunch, but a few gems in there kept me going on a night when I really should have been tucked up in bed with a manky chest infection. Not sure what I think of the single of the year comp yet – going to see what it is like in 2013 before I make a decision on whether I think it adds or detracts from the whole Choice vibe.

2012-03-08 20.35.56

Cashier No 9 at the Olympia Theatre

2012-03-08 20.52.13

Pugwash at the Olympia Theatre

2012-03-08 21.13.47

Patrick Kelleher and his cold dead hands at the Olympia Theatre

2012-03-08 21.36.27

And So I Watch You From Afar at the Olympia Theatre

2012-03-08 22.09.53

Lisa Hannigan at the Olympia Theatre

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Le Galaxie

2012-01-01 00.32.13

Le Galaxie at the Workmans Club

# 31 – Well, I scraped it in with gig number 31 on the 31st of December, but my New Year’s Eve outing ended up being one of my highlights of the year. I’m not a fan of New Year’s Eve so the fact that there was no countdown (in fact no acknowledgement of the change of year whatsoever) was right up my alley!

Workman’s Club for Last Days of 1984, Tieranniesaur and Le Galaxie – a highly recommended way to welcome in a New Year!

2011-12-31 21.56.29

Last Days of 1984 at the Workmans Club

2011-12-31 22.46.57

Tieranniesaur at the Workmans Club

2011-12-31 23.42.11

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