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Fred Number 2

Fred at Whelans

#12 – May brought another trip to Whelans and gig number 12 – officially reaching my original 2011 resolution in 5 months instead of 12. It also brought another album launch – Fred’s Leaving my Empire to be precise. I had seen Fred at 2010’s Sea Sessions and they are brilliant live. Their support acts were Rhob Cunningham, and Túcan, which were a treat to see again so soon after Mugic Happens.


Túcan at Whelans

Fred Number 1

*Originally posted on on 10/06/12*

Mugic Happens


Túcan at Mugic Happens

#5 – Mid-February I discovered another great opportunity to see Irish acts (and for free no less!) at Mugic Happens in the Button Factory. I headed to see Túcan, who I had previously seen at Sea Sessions in 2010, and they didn’t disappoint. These guys play as if they are extensions of each others bodies. Although their covers are pretty awesome, I feel it is their own stuff that steals the show.

On the same line-up was Enda Reilly and the hardest working band I have ever met – The Riptide Movement. They cropped up again and again during the course of my year of gigs, and they never disappointed. If you haven’t seen them yet, go see them before they go stratospheric, and deservedly so.

The Riptide Movement

The Riptide Movement at Mugic Happens

Enda Reilly

Enda Reilly at Mugic Happens

*please note that the photos will get better in the course of this blog – I started making more of an effort with them as I moved into the year!

*Originally posted on on 08/06/12*