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First Fortnight 2015


Trailblaze Revolution, Christchurch Cathedral

This is a tricky one to write to be honest – I re-read last year’s post ( and can vividly remember how I felt writing that post, and during the festival. To be able to remember things so clearly and yet to know how much changed within the space of a year is a little bit disconcerting to be honest.


Danny Battles


The Lost Brothers

During 2014 I became much more involved in First Fortnight, having been asked to get involved with a pretty amazing group of people to do fundraising for the charity. Being more involved has let me see how much goes into this festival from the other side, rather than as a volunteer or as a spectator. The fact that this festival has been created by a bunch of volunteers is simply mind-blowing. That said, being more involved makes it challenging to write a review of it, so I’m not even going to attempt it. It’s impossible for me to be unbiased so all I’ll say is if you haven’t been to a First Fortnight event yet, then check out the festival next January, or one of the fundraising events during the year. I think that’s the fairest way of me keeping Gigaholic true to my views but without letting my love of this festival skew any review I wrote of it.


I Have a Tribe


State Lights

Booka Brass Band

20150110_232552We Cut Corners

I toyed with using this post as another spot of free therapy, but it a) doesn’t seem fitting, and b) doesn’t really seem needed. This year has given me so much more confidence – it is impossible to see how much can be achieved by a small group of volunteers with some big ideas, without some of that confidence rubbing off. Hard to sum up how grateful I am for that, so I’m not even going to try.

Verse Chorus Verse

Verse Chorus Verse upstairs in Whelans was my first chance to hear Tony Wright with a full band…and it made me hear songs, which were familiar from his solo acoustic sets, in a totally different way. Old favourites and new gems…what more could you ask for? Actually, I can answer that question – I could ask that upstairs in Whelans would stop being the most difficult venue to get a decent picture in!


Fifth Place


@toeknee_wright was another discovery of 2012 for me. I had seen him before in And So I Watch You From Afar but Camden Crawl Dublin was my first chance to see him in his VerseChorusVerse guise. I was lucky enough to see him 4 times in 2012, giving him fourth place in my Most Seen in 2012. I already know I’ll have a chance to see him early in 2013 at First Fortnight Therapy Sessions. If you haven’t heard his stuff, check him out – I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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Verse Chorus Verse


Soak at the Workmans Club

 December also brought another chance to see VerseChorusVerse at a beautifully intimate gig in the Workman’s Club, supported by the disgustingly talented SOAK. Tony played a set sprinkled with old and new songs, and finished by coming off stage to give everyone there a copy of his EP. A genuinely nice bloke with talent in spades – one of the perks of having the opportunity to support Irish music is getting to see people like him perform.

Verse Chorus Verse at the Workman’s Club
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Verse Chorus Verse at Mercantile


Empire Saints at the Mercantile

Next up was the second eLive, run by, held in the Mercantile. A free gig, this again highlighted for me just what a glut of highly talented musicians we have in Ireland at the moment. The fact that on a random Thursday night you can see some brilliant acts for free is amazing, but what confuses me altogether is the fact that the place was damn near empty. The show was streamed online so at least more people got to appreciate it than just the few of us who bothered to head in. The Irish gig-going audience sometimes makes me wonder.

Right, rant over. The treats on show that night were Twin Terrace (made up of some of the members of Storyfold along with others), VerseChorusVerse, who I would go to see any night of the week, and Empire Saints – brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, and I look forward to catching them all again in 2013. I was disappointed to have to leave the show early – last buses wait for no-one after all.

Twin Terrace at the Mercantile
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Workmans Club Block Party


The Workman’s Club Block Party was a celebration of all that I have come to love about the Dublin music scene and all that goes with it. Pop-up markets, a draw with Don class, and beautiful acoustic sets from some of Ireland’s finest were a real treat.

We arrived in time to catch Elaine Mai’s last two songs, and it was the first time I had seen her perform solo (I’ve only seen her before doing guest vocals with Le Galaxie and Daithi). Her voice is amazing. That is all I need to say – check her out and you’ll hear what I mean.

Next up was The Man Whom, someone I’ve been trying to catch since Whelans Ones to Watch 2011. He didn’t disappoint and I’m looking forward to listening to his album that I picked up from him.

Verse Chorus Verse (aka ex-ASIWYFA’s Tony Wright) was his usual charismatic self and I just love his solo work. Roll on the release of his album whenever he gets it out (kinda hoping he does go for the “Leaking it myself” option he discussed yesterday!).

Last up, and not on the offical bill, was Barry Kirwan from Blue Choir who nabbed himself a set while his bandmates soundchecked for Overhead the Albatross. This guy can seriously sing, and the fact that it was such an intimate setting (there were four of us left there at that stage!) just added to the magic.


Elaine Mai at Workmans Club


The Man Whom at Workmans Club


Barry Kirwan at Workmans Club

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Camden Crawl Dublin 2012


Verse Chorus Verse at The Village


Jape at the Village

20120511_210935 20120511_210939

Le Galaxie at the VIllage

 #12 Onto Festival number two of the year for me – Camden Crawl Dublin. This is new to Dublin and if this year was anything to go by, I hope it becomes a fixture. Well organised and requiring a little planning on behalf of the punters, this worked really well. The fact that it involved no camping, particularly after the cold of Vantastival, was another unexpected highlight!

Featuring a wealth of Irish and international acts, it was a case of either picking a venue and sticking there for whatever was on, or picking acts and hoping the venue wasn’t full when you got there. We did one night of each, and in my experience, CHOOSE YOUR VENUE! Pick the one act that you have just got to see, and then watch the other acts in the same venue. Friday night was built around Le Galaxie, so it was off to the Village. The fact that the Village was also host to Verse Chorus Verse (the uber talented Tony Wright, ex- of ASIWYFA), Jape and We are Scientists was a pretty awesome coincidence.

Saturday we headed to the Workmans Club to see Girl Band and NaNu NaNu and I hoped to see Toby Kaar, but was outvoted so we headed across town to the Village to see the Rubber Bandits. I was disappointed but not surprised to be proven right and to find that the venue was at capacity and we hadn’t a hope of getting in, thus ending our Camden Crawl experience.

I definitely hope to head to this in 2013 and see if it can live up to the highs of its inaugural year.


Girl Band at the Workmans Club


Nanu Nanu in the Workman’s Club

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