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We Were Giants


Next up was a gig I went to review it for Ceol Collective – We Were Giants. With some really good songs, and sounding solid live, I do think that We Were Giants could go on to good things. That said, I think they need some time to hone their sound and to decide which way they want to go, because at the moment their sound is a little scattered.

This gig was originally reviewed for Ceol Collective which has now ceased operations. The review that was published is preserved for posterity here!

We Were Giants are a band on the rise – on the go since 2012, and with a couple of ear-worm singles which have received decent radio play already under their belt, they could go on to do great things. Last Friday’s packed show in the Mercantile venue, with support from Alex Smyth and Falling Lights, gave a taster of a band with an impressive body of work, given that their debut album is yet to be released. With infectious hooks, captivating vocal harmonies and strong lyrics, and a sound that blends indie-rock with hints of pop and metal, it’s easy to see why they have already had a number of successful Irish and European shows.

The only downside? For me, at times, their live show veered into Muse-esque excesses, which didn’t always make the most of We Were Giants’ strengths that I’ve mentioned above. A small complaint in a show packed with talent – it’ll be interesting to watch where 2015 takes We Were Giants.

Current single “All I Want” released Dec 2014.