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I got a second opportunity to go to Christchurch for a gig with the Nialler 9 hosted Altered night. White Collar Boy are consistently good – and this was a surreal setting for their music. My first chance to see Come On Live Long has led to me seeing them numerous times since – a new favourite. But both were completely overshadowed by a raw acoustic session from Richie Egan. His Nick Cave cover had many of us in tears (well surely it wasn’t just me?) and the cavernous Cathedral was the perfect backdrop. His set will stay with me forever.



Once the live gig finished, we got a chance to go down into the crypt for a Nialler 9 and Bantum DJ set – probably the coolest setting I’ve been in!


PS Drinking in a Cathedral just feels weird!

Electric Picnic Part 2


Heathers at Electric Picnic


The Cast of Cheers at Electric Picnic


Daithi at Electric Picnic


White Collar Boy at Electric Picnic

Electric Picnic – Day Two


David Kitt at Electric Picnic


Solar Bears at Electric Picnic


Patti Smith at Electric Picnic


The Cure at Electric Picnic


Grimes is in there somewhere! (at Electric Picnic)


Orbital at Electric Picnic

*Originally posted on on 05/09/12*

Le Galaxie

2012-03-17 22.18.57

Le Galaxie at Twisted Pepper

2012-03-17 20.49.05

White Collar Boy at Twisted Pepper

2012-03-17 21.31.33

Daithi at Twisted Pepper

  #7 A drunken St Patrick’s Day of rugby was topped off by a drunken St Patrick’s Night of dancing like an idiot in Twisted Pepper to White Collar Boy, Daithi and Le Galaxie. A small and sticky venue was perfect for that night, although numerous technical difficulties for Le Galaxie did start to grate a little bit. They are still consistently good live, and at the top of my go-sees for 2012, along with a few others.

2012-03-17 22.12.42

2012-03-17 22.18.52

*Originally posted on on 02/08/12*