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Knockanstockan 2012


Cocaine Ponytail at Knockanstockan


Gypsy Rebel Rabble (well some of them!) at Knockanstockan


Bipolar Empire at Knockanstockan


The Yipps at Knockanstockan

#18 And bringing me up to date with my 2012 gigs so far was my most recent festival – Knockanstockan 2012. I cannot recommend this festival highly enough – beautiful setting on the banks of the lakes of Wicklow, intimate set-up, friendly organisers, and no segregation between acts and festival goers for either socialising or camping, this festival is everything I could have asked for to celebrate my birthday.

The line-up was also impressive for a not for profit festival – the lack of big international names detracted nothing from the quality of the music on offer. My old reliables Bipolar Empire, Riptide Movement, and Viking Project were joined by my rapidly-becoming old reliables Raglans, Barley Mob and Gypsy Rebel Rabble. A scheduling clash meant that I missed the Hot Sprockets in favour of Raglans, but when this is the only fault you can find in a three day festival, you know it’s a good ‘un!


J Roots at Knockanstockan

*Originally posted on on 02/08/12*