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Life has Surface Noise

Again, this gig isn’t necessarily a true gig but features live music, so I’m going to count it as one. The ever-endearing Siobhan Kane brought together an interesting mix of contributors to talk about their life experience with music and what music means to them. I find it fascinating to see how music brings together a group of people from completely different ways of life, and yet creates a shared interest and an opportunity for shared experiences.

With Peter Toomey and Daragh O’Halloran, Kevin Barry, Adrian Crowley and John Kelly all talking about their life with music, it was a lovely night, and one which I highly recommend if it features again in the next Fringe.

Life Has Surface Noise

Next up might be a little bit of a cheat in terms of counting it as a gig. Life has Surface Noise was on in Project Arts as part of the Fringe Fest and was a sneaky peak into what music means to other people – and a nice reassurance that I amn’t the only person with a crazy obsession with music!

Siobhan Kane, Adrian Crowley, Donal Lunny, Peter Toomey and Darragh O’Halloran all gave us some insight into their relationship with music. Stories interspersed with tunes from Adrian Crowley and Donal Lunny – such a charming night.

It wasn’t the setting to take pics, so this one is just for me and my memories!