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Blog Party



Another review gig for Ceol Collective (with thanks to Goldenplec for the passes), the Blog Party in the Sugar Club was an interesting idea. With each of the blogs involved choosing one act for the night, it meant there was a real mix of talents involved. My favourite were Carriages, closely followed by Dear Desert, both of whom I’d seen before. The acts that weren’t for me were the two I hadn’t seen before – September Girls and Bitch Falcon – who just weren’t to my taste.

This gig was originally reviewed for Ceol Collective which has now ceased operations. The review that was published is preserved for posterity here!

When Abner Brown’s decide to throw a party, they do it in style. Their event in the Sugar Club brought some of the best up-and-coming acts and DJ crews of 2014 to the stage, with the range of styles on offer reflecting the diverse Irish music blogs who had chosen them.

First up was Nialler 9’s choice Carriages, who blend producer Harry Bookless’ field-recordings with rich electronic layers and the stunning vocals of Aaron Page. They may have been the openers, but for me, they were the highlight of the night and set a high bar for those who followed.

Next was Le Cool’s selection Dear Desert. Having seen them before (–columbia-mills—whelans-upstairs-nov-29th.html) I knew what to expect, and they didn’t disappoint. Channelling the 80s but avoiding cheesiness is a tricky one to pull off, but Dear Desert do it in style. I’d be surprised if they aren’t snapped up by one of the big labels soon.

The Last Mixed Tape chose September Girls, who brought their noise pop sound to the stage with tonnes of swagger. While not my personal taste, they were the first act of the night to get people to the floor and were a real crowd-pleaser.

However, the final live act, Goldenplec’s pick Bitch Falcon, were the ones that really got the crowd going. Bursting onto the stage with massive riffs and a loud, grunge sound, Bitch Falcon were the perfect closing live act as there were few not on their feet by the end of the set.

Wrapping up the night were Choice Cuts best of 2014 DIP, WellKnown and DiscoTekken, who kept the party going well into the wee hours. A unique idea that created an opportunity to showcase some of the diversity of home grown music around at the moment, the Abner Brown’s Blog Party was a real musical treat.


Dear Desert


September Girls

20150220_233912Bitch Falcon

George Ezra


This blur is George Ezra

The George Ezra set in the Sugar Club was a gig that I can only call short and sweet. With support from the always-charming Soak, this guy’s voice just can’t be described. It’s one of those sounds that almost needs capital letters, and totally doesn’t match his young, blonde exterior. He doesn’t have a big catalogue of songs, but his 40-odd minute set didn’t leave us sold short because it was brilliant. If you’ll allow me have a little rant though, what wasn’t brilliant was the gobshites in the audience – largely, but not uniquely, up at the bar – who talked throughout both Soak and George’s sets. Why on earth do these people pay to come to gigs, and then not watch the acts? Please, for all our sakes, just stay home next time! Okay, rant over. To sum up, the gig was great, the audience was not.


..and this blur is the brilliant Soak

I apologise for the awful photos – the Sugar Club and taking decent photos on my phone just don’t go together, unfortunately.

Haiti Fest 2013


The Walls at the Sugar Club

Haiti Fest moved from Whelans to the Sugar Club for their 2013 fund raiser, which lead to a more sedate night all round, with a bit more sitting and a bit less dancing than last year! With their now traditional mix of the best of Irish and Haitian music, it gave me another chance to see festival favourites Raglans and Ham Sandwich, along with a massive trip down memory lane listening to the Walls!


Red Queen Contest at the Sugar Club


Raglans at the Sugar Club


Ham Sandwich at the Sugar Club

Joe Pug

Joe Pug

Joe Pug at the Sugar Club

#4 February was a quiet month for me, with only one gig. But what a gig it was. Joe Pug in the Sugar Club was a long awaited highlight for me, and his support act Bhi Bhiman was a similarly class act. Joe’s voice is something special and I hope I get to see him again at some point in the future.

Joe Pug

Joe Pug at the Sugar Club

Bhi Bhaiman

Bhi Bhaiman at the Sugar Club

*Originally posted on on 01/08/12*