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Love System






Second gig of the night was the Love System gig in aid of marriage equality in The Academy. An insanely good line-up with some of my favourite acts – Daithi, Ships and the ever-awesome Le Galaxie.




With the late night gig packed out, and a crowd more than up for a bit of fun, it was pretty much the perfect way to finish off a brilliant Friday night.

20140510_021722Le Galaxie and Elaine Mai



Fun Lovin Criminals


 Fun Lovin Criminals were a teenage favourite of mine and I’ve seen them a couple of times since then. These guys ooze charm and from the slick set-list to the numerous shots they downed throughout the gig, it looked like they were determined to enjoy every second of this tour.



This wasn’t their best gig, by a long shot, but they played enough of the hits to balance the new stuff, and their levels of enjoyment kept the crowd with them, so the quality of the gig strangely enough didn’t really matter.



But, while they were enjoying themselves on stage, Fast appeared to be turning several shades of green, which was eventually explained by the fact that he was so hungover that he hadn’t even made it to soundcheck for this, the second night of the tour. Starting to feel their age, maybe? He perked up, largely helped by a steady flow of cider, and did his usual thing of playing numerous instruments, often at the same time, and generally putting the rest of us mere non-musical mortals to shame. Hopefully Fun Lovin Criminals will always remain this charming mix of talent, irreverance, and New York banter, so that their gigs will always be enjoyable, even when they aren’t brilliant.




Haim’s gig in the Academy was one of the most hyped gigs I’ve ever been to – I honestly think I could have sold my tickets to any one of my friends and named my price. They were really good, but, for me, they didn’t quite live up to all the hype. Their singles are brilliant, and they are a slick act live, but next time, I think I’ll leave the tickets to someone who might appreciate them more.






Before I start talking about Heathers, I really need to mention one of their support acts – Tvvins. This was my second time seeing them within a couple of weeks (mentioned here as being among my ones to watch in 2014 and I find them a really exciting live act. I’m disappointed that their upcoming gig (upstairs in Whelans, 27th February 2014) clashes with the Choice Music Prize in Vicar St, so I’m hoping they announce another gig soon so that I can see them play a longer set. If any of you are at a loose end that night, you should definitely head along.


But I suppose it’s a little weird to post about a band, and then talk more about the support act than the headliners. Heathers show was really good – and in case you haven’t noticed, female acts are pretty under-represented in my gig-going habits generally – and as an act, they are consistent. But, with no new material released since the last time I’d seen them, I have to admit, it felt a little stale to me. While I still really like their music, I think I might need to give their live shows a break until there’s some new songs to hear. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the gig, and the vast majority of the crowd seemed to love it, but for me personally, it just didn’t grab me in the way some of their previous shows have.







On a complete side note – I discovered that I can get very distracted in the presence of a barefoot drummer. Who knew?!


 20130404_212646Bastille upstairs in the Academy was a far better fit that when I had seen them previously in the smaller downstairs venue. I know they’re not to everyone’s taste, but I like them. Consistently good live and seeing Dan Smith remain pitch perfect while climbing onto the balcony and doing a song from there never fails to impress me!

20130404_21183220130404_212656 20130404_221650

Doing a song from the balcony (above) and having returned to stage (below) 20130404_221902

The Courteeners


Courteeners in The Academy was one of the few gigs of the year where I left early – nothing against them, but I was just wrecked. Raglans did their usual trick of pulling everyone in early and filling the floor – something makes me think they won’t be supporting acts like this for too much longer.


Courteeners were a seriously slick act and I would love to see them again under slightly less exhausted conditions! 20130321_213728


20120929_211816 20120929_214926 20120929_215115a

Heathers at the Academy

Going to see Heathers in the Academy was a fairly last minute decision, probably swayed in the end by their support act, Raglans. Raglans were on early enough, and the place was far from packed. The fact that the floor was filled by the time they were finished pretty much says it all! These lads know how to get people watching them.

Heathers were another treat. If any of you have noticed on this blog, I tend not to listen to female acts. These girls fairly changed my mind – their harmonies and easy, summery sounds were an absolute pleasure.

20120929_202049 20120929_202056a 20120929_204642
Raglans at the Academy
*Originally posted on on 25/11/12*